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Room setup

  • Before running Fitnect, arrange the room like on the image below
  • Make sure the floor is clear.
  • Around 3×3 m free space is required for optimal operation
  • Avoid direct sunlight
  • User should stand around 2-2.5m from the sensor
  • User should wear tight clothing
  • Sensor should be placed around 1.6m - 2.1m from the floor. (1.3m -2.3m is allowed maximum)



  • Run fitnect.exe by clicking on the Fitnect dektop shortuct icon.
  • Run fitnect.exe -restore to revert previous configuration settings and bypass the setting dialog
  • Run fitnect.exe -noborder to run fitnect in windowed mode but without borders and buttons ( minimize/ close / etc.)
  • Run fitnect.exe -nostat to disable real time statistics. (Improves stability on slow internet connection)
  • Run fitnect.exe -nomenu to disable config menu.
  • A configuration dialog will appear

In case of missing DirectX dll error, download and run dxwebsetup.exe


  • Choose rendering subsystem : Direct3D9 Rendering Subsystem
  • Full screen: yes
  • Scroll down until the resolutions drop-down menu, and select a 16:9 resolution (or 9:16 for portrait mode) like 1920x1080 or 1280x720
  • If you have a high performance video card you can enable full screen anti-aliasing, just set FSAA to 4 or 8. (It helps to get rid of jagged edges)
  • Click OK when ready!
  • Now Fitnect will start and download all the required files such as 3d items / customized skin / updates / etc.
  • Once loading is completed the initial screen will appear

Sensor configuration

  • Press CTRL-C or RIGHT MOUSE button for sensor settings!
  • Use the controls on the left bottom corner to adjust your Kinect’s angle UP and DOWN! (Keep clicking on the buttons until the angle is correct!)
  • Primesense Carmine and ASUS XTION users just move the sensor by hand!

Sensor controls.jpg

  • Restart (important!) your sensor, and click on Save And Exit when ready!
  • Make sure your legs and your head are visible both on the video image, and on the red silhouette!
  • Stand around 2-2.5 m distance from the sensor.
  • Go as close as possible to have the best results!

Pos all.jpg