Exporting (no physics simulation)

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Sometimes physical simulation is not required.

  • Tight clothing
  • Bags, and various items in the hand
  • Hats
  • Avatar parts for partially hiding the mesh

In this case just need to export 3d models in Ogre Mesh (.mesh) format

OgreMax properties

  • Select the skinned mesh prepared in the modelling guide section

Click the „OgreMax” link on the main toolbar. (OgreMax exporter can be downloaded from http://get.fitnect.hu/download.php?f=tools/OgreMaxSceneExporter2.6.3-3DSMax-NonCommercial.7z)

  • Select Ogre version 1.7 during the installation!

Ogre max open.jpg

Select the „Mesh Animations” tab type „v4_T30.skeleton” (for women) and „m4_T30.skeleton” (for men) to the skeleton name field Select the „Mesh” tab and turn on generate normals / tangent / binormals

Ogre max.jpg Ogre max normal.jpg

Exporting as OgreMesh

Select the clothing only, and click the „OgreMax” link on the main toolbar.

  • Choose „export selected”
  • Save the mesh to binary .mesh format
  • Mesh is ready to upload to Fitnect's database