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Upgrading the system with an external HD camera

It is possible to use a high quality HD camera with Fitnect to enhance the overall video quality. In this tutorial a Logitech 910C HD webcam were used, but works with any camera with web camera input.


  1. Attach the webcam to the top of the Kinect sensor like on the attached photo.
  2. There is a camera.cfg file located in Fitnect's data directory (c:\Users\Public\Fitnect)
    Adjust the following properites, and leave the rest as is:

Please check you camera's documentation for available video modes.

  1. Start the software, and press CTR-C or RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON, for the config screen
  2. Turn on both Kinect and External cam images (Toggle External / Toggle Kinect buttons - bottom right)
  3. Try to make the 2 images match as close as possible by moving manualy the Logitech Cam mounted on the Kinect sensor
  4. Use the camera control buttons to fine tune the ext cam image until it overlaps the Kinect image. (Especialy on the area where the user is standing)
  5. Turn Kinect image off, and click on the SAVE AND EXIT button
  6. Press CTRL-C to turn the config screen off.