Getting Started

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Login to the admin page, using your credentials. (Only integrator partners are allowed to login to the admin area.)


  • Create a skin first by clicking on the +Skin button in the skins menu.
  • Name it as you wish and click on the SAVE button.
  • A new skin will be created based on the demo skin template
  • Edit the new skin, by clicking on is's "customize" icon. Customize icon.jpg
  • In the editor locate the general section of the stage toolbar and click on the save button.
  • A new skin will be created on the server.

More info on skins.


  • Click on the projects menu, and create a new project using the +Project button.
  • Enter a name for the project!
  • Assign the previously created skin to the project.
  • Click on the SAVE button
  • In the projects list click on the properties icon and set general properties. Use default values from the project manual here: projects
  • Save changes

More info on projects

License key

  • Click on the licenses menu and select a license key from the list.
  • Edit the selected license key, and assign the previously create project to it.
  • Reset the license's hardware key in case it will be use on a different computer.
  • Copy the number of the license key to license.txt located in Fitnect's install directory. (c:\Program Files(x86)\Fitnect)

More info on License keys.

Tags / Brands (optional)

  • create some brands, and tags (categories)


  • Upload a 3D model. (More info can be found in the products section.)
  • Click on the products list in the main menu, and click on the assign icon.
  • Select the previously created project's name.

More info on products


  • Run fitnect.exe
  • It will download your new skin files / products / and apply new settings