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General properties

  • Type: vertical or horizontal
  • Columns: number of rows or columns
  • Padding / Padding 2: Padding between menu buttons

Menu layout.jpg


Hotspots are hidden elements where scrolling hand motion is detected.


  • Fixed: No scrolling animation for fixed menus
  • Interactive: Turn menu on/off in the editor


All menus are built from similar type of buttons.

All buttons can have:

  • width / height
  • background image / or color (different settings can be applied according to the buttons state / normal - over - seleted)
  • border
  • radius (for rounded corners)
  • label
  • thumbnail

Buttons states:

  • normal
  • over - hand is over
  • selected - button pressed

Enable / disable buttons

Individual buttons can be enabled / disabled / renamed in the button properties section

Not available in all menu types