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The PhysX plug-ins are freely available for download through the APEX/PhysX Registered Developer Program (RDP). If you are not registered you will first need to

  • - Register for the NVIDIA Registered Developer Program (RDP).
    - After you created an account an email will be sent to you with further instructions.
    - Fill out the general RDP registration form and
    - Apply to the APEX/PhysX Registered Developer Program.
    - Once you are registered in the APEX/PhysX RDP, nVidia will send you an email with download information for the APEX/PhysX Tools and SDKs (login required).
    -Download the 3ds Max or Maya DCC plug-in plugin from here:


To use any 3D model in Fitnect, the 3D clothing must be fitted and skinned to our woman and man avatars.

Avatars can be downloaded from the following link:


2d photos.jpg

Create the 3d mesh of the clothing using standard polygonal modelling tools.

  • 3D mesh should be in A-POSE.
  • All units are in meters
  • Mesh density: maximum 5 000 polygons (quads)
  • Use the provided woman / man avatar for size and pose reference
  • Single sided materials can be used only, so all the normal vectors should point out of the model
  • All the sub-objects should be merged into one object


Texture maps

Currently diffuse, normal, specular, and alpha maps are supported.

  • Diffuse map is required only, other map types are optional
  • Texture sizes are 1024x1024, or 512x512 (specular)
  • All the UW-s should be unwrapped to a single image
  • Save the texture maps in separate files

texture maps


Align the clothing on the avatar.

  • Make sure the mesh of the avatar and the clothing is not overlapping each other.
  • Make sure to have some free space for other clothing such as skirts / pants.
  • Using dummy skirt/ pants is recommended



Before skinning

  • select the cloth and set it's pivot point to the origin (0,0,0)
  • Go to the utilities and reset X-Form
  • Collapse the stack

Use 3D Studio Max's Skin Wrap modifier to map skeleton weights from the avatar to the clothing

  • Use the following settings
  • Add "Avatar" (so the modifier will project skinning weights from the avatar to the clothing)
  • Wait until the skinning process is done.
  • At the end press „Convert to Skin” button
  • Use the Skin modifier to fine tune the skinning if needed - Optional

Skin wrap.jpg