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Product properties

  • Layer: Clothing layer Z order. Set it according to the item type. Use "tops" layer for full body items.
  • Full body: Use it for full body items like dresses, costumes. If a full body item is selected all the other pants and tops will be removed automatically.
  • Pose:Avatar bind pose. T30 or T. (T30 is the default from 2013-05)
  • UI Order:Use an integer value to order your items on the user interface. (Smaller values first, negative numbers are allowed)
  • Name:Human readable name of the item, it will be used in the items menu, and in the shopping cart.
  • Brand:Brands can created under the brands menu, click on the choose link to select a brand for the product.Brands can be used for selection by setting the categories menu select by parameter to brand.
  • Price:Price of the product
  • Discount: Disocunt rate (appears in the item selection menu)
  • Gender: Select if the uploaded cloth is for men / women
  • Tag: Tags (categories) can be created in the tags menu. Multiple categories can be assigned to one product. Tags appear in the categories menu, as categories. Press "C" while in the tags input box, so tag list will appear. Assign one or more tags to a product.

Product files

  • Thumbnail: Small image of the cloth for the item selection menu
  • Mesh: Non simulated mesh files, for partial hidden avatar, bags, and for various accessories. Exporting (no physics simulation)
  • APEX cloth: *.apb file (APEX simulated) mesh. More info in the PhysX setup section.
  • Diffuse / specular / normal / alpha maps: more info about map types in the Modelling guide section

Assign product to project

Click on the product assign icon, in the product list to assign a product to a project.