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  • Max. distance X (cm): Maximum allowed tracking distance from the camera on the X axis. Default value is: 150
  • Max. distance Z (cm): Maximum allowed tracking distance from the camera on the Z axis. Default value is: 450
  • Screensaver delay (s): Starts playing the screensaver animation after this value of time. (Place the screen saver video file in .WMV format to c:\Users\Public\Fitnect\Scrensaver, and rename it to screensaver.wmv)
    Resolution should be: 1280x720 or 720*1280
  • Software updates: enable / disable automatic software updates. Use stable branch only for production.
  • Dont check for twisted legs: If enabled, Fintect checks and validates leg orientations, and updates only if values are ok. Disabled by default.
  • Disable QUIT by ESC: Changes the default exit keyboard shortcut from ESC to CTRL+Q. (It is recommended to use if external keyboard input is enabled, to prevent accidentally closing the software.)
  • External keyboard input:If enabled, the virtual keyboard screen won't close if the user is out of the tracking range.
  • Disable hidden avatar: Disables the hidden avatar. (Recommended to turn this setting on and user partial hidden avatars only.)
  • Min. version: Minimal required Fitnect version to run this project.


To share a photo in email, an SMTP server account is required.

  • Server:SMTP server IP address
  • Port: SMTO server PORT
  • Username: SMTP account USERNAME
  • Password: SMTP account PASSWORD
  • Mail from: Sender email address
  • Bcc: Hidden copy will be sent to this address.
  • Subject: Subject of the email
  • Message: Email's body (HTML or TEXT)


Use this tab to set your Facebook app properties.

More on this topic can be found in the Facebook section

  • Acces token: Access token is required for sharing photos on Facebook
  • Url: URL of your facebook page or gallery
  • Message: Text under each shared photo


It is possible to forward all the fitting room actions of the user to a 3rd party server for creating statistics.

Contact us for more information about this feature!