Using the fitting room

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Getting started

  • Do a little movement, walk a few steps back and forth,so Kinect can recognise you.
  • A red silhouette (depth map) will appear on the left bottom of the screen.
  • Do the PSY - pose according to the figure


  • After the side menu appears,you can start selecting items from the item selection menu.
  • You can filter by categories using the categories menu, select women’s, men’s wear, and remove outfit on the top.
  • Adjust the size of your outfit if necessary using the size adjustment menu.
  • Press the take photo button on the top to make a photograph of yourself.

Tracking screen.jpg

Share your photos

  • If you like your photo select Facebook to publish your photo on Facebook.
    - Photos can be uploaded to your private Facebook wall in case you are using the Fitnect Facebook application,
    - or it is possible to define a Facebook fanpage, and send all the photos there
  • Select the Email button to send your photo by Email.
  • Select the Print button to print your photo using the default printer.

Share screen.jpg

Finish using the fitting room

  • Just simply walk away to deactivate tracking.


  • CTRL+C - config menu
  • CTRL+ENTER - stop tracking
  • CTRL+P - take photo